Buying A Home Buying a home is a complex journey with thousands of decisions to be made along the way. Guidance you can count on is essential to buying a new home and negotiating the best price.

The Buying Process
• Define your goals, research your options, make your plans 
• Get pre-approved for a loan 
• Set your budget 
• View homes 
• Make an offer and negotiate with the seller 
• Review Title Commitment 
• Schedule a Home Inspection and Appraisal 
• Secure your financing 
• Close the deal

Showing homes 
While most home searches begin online, it is still important to view homes in person. While the property details may seem similar online, homes can be very different in terms of layout, design, workmanship and other aspects. The key to the home search process is knowing what you’re looking for, and distinguishing between “must-haves” and “like-to-haves”. Having me with you, I can notice things you might miss, provide expert analysis, and act as an impartial sounding board. And with my direct access to Matrix and an office full of experienced listing brokers, you will gain access to homes that you might not be able to find on your own. 
• 92% of buyers use the internet or mobile apps to search for homes 
• The typical buyer searches for 12 weeks and views 12 homes 
• 97% of buyers view real estate brokers as important in the home search process
Michael Newton
Michael Newton
Broker/Co Owners